Viruses, Population Control & Conspiracies?

I confess to loving a good, juicy conspiracy theory as well as watching way too much television. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I have difficulty believing that, according to the video below, the Centers for Disease Control haven’t bothered to keep proper records on Enterovirus, which happens to currently be hospitalizing children around the nation…thankfully, with zero deaths reported. However, since the CDC has known about it since 1962, I struggle to believe that they just haven’t kept records on the virus since it’s so obscure and doesn’t result in death. I mean, come on, neither does the common cold, but there’s been tons of research done on it, still.

I dunno, seems a little suspect to me. Researching and cataloging information on stuff like this is what the CDC does. It’s why they exist! But when it comes to Enterovirus, we’re supposed to believe that that they said, “Meh, we’ll pass on collecting data, keeping detailed records, researching the virus and aiming to create a vaccine…this one’s just not that serious.”

Which brings me to the second point made in the video below about sub-Saharan Africa’s population growing by leaps and bounds and it being estimated to push us from today’s 7 billion people on the planet to 12 billion people over the next several years. Now, is it a coincidence that the Ebola virus is wreaking havoc there? At a time where many parts of the world (like California!) are experiencing extreme drought, farming deficits, food shortages, etc.

Hmmm, watch the video from SciShow (one of my favorite YouTube channels, btw) below and tell me what you think.


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