Video: Tracee Ellis Ross Discusses Girlfriends, Blackish, Being Biracial & More

Can I just say that I soooo LOVE Tracee Ellis Ross! I’m also a fan of The Breakfast Club, so it was nice to watch her be interviewed by Envy, Angela and Charlamagne¬†earlier this week.

Charlamagne started the interview off with a Girlfriends question/complaint (that we can all relate to) and Tracee shared what she could recall of the script that, sadly, us fans never got to see play out. And if you never saw Girlfriends when it was on the air, check out the link at the bottom of this page to watch all eight seasons on YouTube (but you ain’t heard that from me ;)).

As the conversation progresses, Tracee discusses her new sitcom, Blackish, on ABC, as well as what it was like growing up biracial and being the daughter of the incomparable, Diana Ross.

Anyway, hope everyone’s having an amazing Saturday and that you enjoy Tracee’s interview as much as I did.

Before you head off to go binge-watch Girlfriends, be sure to visit and bookmark her YouTube channel here:

Tracee Ellis Ross – YouTube Channel

Now, prepare yourself to enjoy one of the greatest sitcoms in television history:

Girlfriends – YouTube Channel

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