The Pacific Earth Organization for Progress, Liberty & Empowerment sounds like a mouthful, but it really boils down to P-E-O-P-L-E, which is what this NGO is all about. On any given day, scores of people are suffering from poverty, slavery, violence and many other terrible human rights violations. PEOPLE seeks to bring hope, awareness and freedom to these deserving souls wherever they may be found.

We are just getting started, but here is our official pronouncement:

The Pacific Earth Organization for Progress, Liberty and Empowerment is committed to the peaceful pursuit of social justice and growth opportunities for disenfranchised women, men and children throughout the world. We dedicate ourselves to fairness and freedom for all regardless of gender, race, religion or socio-economic status. Our belief in the indispensable dignity of all human beings drives us to ensure that we provide assistance and services to vulnerable individuals so that they may become powerful forces for justice and peace within their own communities.

In the very near future, PEOPLE will:

  • Launch a tuition assistance program for Kenyan youth
  • Create a fund to improve youth access to Internet and technology in Kenya
  • Establish a WAHM co-op between American women and Kenyan women
  • Provide human trafficking education for girls and women globally
  • Provide refugee support to displaced Africans
  • Launch a “Real Men Stand Up” hip-hop campaign for boys and men (focusing on anti-rape/anti-pimp/anti-exploitation and anti-violence against women and children)

If you’d like to volunteer your time, ideas or other resources to PEOPLE, please head on over to the organization’s Facebook page and make your presence known.