Moving Day!

Today is moving day! All of the content that I used to host here has been moved to So, if you’re here for my freelance writing services, please take note and hustle on over there so that we can get your project started.

Why the sudden change? Well, I’ve been freelancing through Lamasa Publishing, LLC for fourteen years now and I’ve owned that website for as long as I’ve owned this one. It just didn’t make sense to continue offering the same info on both sites. Truth is, it never did. But when you’re building a reputation online you want to make sure that people can find you in more ways than one. I’ve long ago accomplished that and now I want to use this domain for more of my random, personal stuff.

So for proper grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation, please…

Click Here To Go Directly To

Because there’ll be none of that formal writing stuff here!

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