How Much Would it Cost to Send Black People Back to Africa?

This was an actual question posted on the question and answer site, Quora. It has since been deleted, which, frankly, surprises me. Why? Because variations of this question have been asked and answered so many times on Quora until you just come to expect that they’ll be there forever. Ditto for so many of the other thinly veiled (and even outright) racist questions on the site. I guess that’s why some of us take the time to answer them. If these questions will be available for the public to read until the Internet is no more, we may as well provide the best answers we can in an attempt to speak over the racists who take up space there.

Since the question has been deleted, my answer to it will likely never be seen beyond the few people who upvoted it before the question was nixed. I don’t like to waste my time creating content that no one will read, so I’m bringing my answer here.

How Much Would it Cost to Send Black People Back to Africa?

Roughly 37 trillion to start. That would give each of the 37 million Black Americans at least a million dollars to explore Africa. That’s just a random figure off the top of my head, of course. I’m not sure exactly what it would cost, but when you work up a budget, please let those of us who are interested know.

Of course, it’s not technically “back to Africa” since we were born in America and many of us have never even visited the continent. But I’m down for the idea of establishing a dual citizenship. Call it reparations, if you will. Or at least a start— a sort of down payment on what America owes us.

Going a step further, you know Africa is so expansive and it would be great if we could negotiate our own independent country there. Much like Zionists Jews have done in Israel. Well, not quite like that, but sorta. I wouldn’t want to displace anyone, but I do like the idea of establishing an independent nation on the continent. As you’re creating a budget, please factor this in if at all possible.

You know, I used to take issue with questions like this one (I’ve shared why here and here on Quora before). How dare someone act like we are not American and that “they” even have the option of sending us anywhere. I mean, we are natural born, full-fledged citizens and, most importantly, we are FREE! Have been since 1865. How dare someone think they can just decide what to do with us in 2017. The arrogance of white supremacy leaves me dumbfounded at times.

Black folks are the most patriotic and loyal Americans to be found anywhere. Who else would go through the hell we have here yet still defend this country with our lives? For a list of reasons, the least of which is the fact that we’ve fought in every war this country has ever been engaged in… and that we represent a good percentage of our current military… ideas like this one come off as very disrespectful.

With all of that said though there’s a flip-side to the idea of going “back to Africa” that some of us (black folks) miss when the subject arises. That is, our distinct connection to the great continent and our right to claim it as a second home. And, since we were forcibly brought to our current homeland by people who helped create what would eventually become the United States, it’s only right that the U.S. finance the transport and living expenses for those of us who want to reconnect with our African roots. Whether we want to go for a visit, an extended stay or a permanent move, America should pick up the tab.

And why stop at American blacks? Portugal, Spain, England, France and every other former colonist/colonizer who used black labor to build wealth and/or power should contribute to doing the same for blacks throughout the diaspora!

A lot of black people likely won’t want to go “back to Africa” and I get that. Still, as you’re figuring the cost, we’re going to need you to also factor them in for, at minimum, one extended visit to the continent. I’m of the belief that every black person in the diaspora should engage in the odyssey at least once in their lifetime. If you’re interested in my reasons why, please read all of the ones I’ve listed here: Why B(l)ack to Africa?

Sorry, I couldn’t give you a more exact figure, but I hope you can work to arrive at one soon. Don’t worry, we won’t completely abandon America when we take the journey. We’ll still retain our citizenship here, vote elections, pay taxes and help decide how those tax dollars should be spent. As dual citizens, we won’t forget that our American homeland needs us to help it evolve into something great where every citizen feels welcomed and at home.

Your Thoughts?

Have you visited the continent before? Have you ever thought about heading to Africa for an extended stay or as a permanent move? Do questions like this one offend you or make you uncomfortable in any way?

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