6 Web Series That Would Make Great TV Shows

2. The Unwritten Rules

I fell in love with this comedy series straightaway. If you’ve ever been one of the only black people in a workplace, you will definitely relate to The Unwritten Rules. Yes, they go allllll the way there with the stereotypes and frustration that all too often come with the territory of being the only “other” in an environment where it’s necessary to endure and keep your cool.

And if you happen to be white…don’t tune this one out. Not only will you laugh, but you’ll likely get a bit of an education on what it’s like to be in this situation and, hopefully, handle things a lot better than some of the less enlightened characters characters on this show.

This one would definitely make for good television, especially at a time when discussing racial issues is so important (as if there was ever a time when discussing these issues wasn’t important;)).

Season One of Three:

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