6 Web Series That Would Make Great TV Shows

3. Hello Cupid

Two best friends. One dark skinned, one light, both beautiful. The yin to the other’s yang, they both also happen to have completely different personalities. So, what happens when they secretly experiment with swapping photos on an online dating site? Whose profile will garner the most interest? And what happens when it’s time to meet one lucky guy in person? Drama. Drama. Drama.

Everyone’s looking for the perfect mate, but how do you know what’s really going on behind a carefully crafted dating image? And that perfect guy? Might he have a little extra baggage tucked away somewhere, too?

From the creators of RoomieLoverFriends, Hello Cupid explores topics beyond love and dating like testing friendships and colorism within the black community. Very tastefully done, I think everyone will enjoy this one:

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