6 Easy & Powerful Interpersonal Tips Everyone Can Use

Let’s face it, we can all stand to improve our social communication. Whether it’s with friends, strangers or co-workers, it is good to evaluate how we interact with people and seek ways to improve our interpersonal relationships. Though I’m no expert in the field, I have learned a thing or two through experience and by watching others who excel in the art of social communication. Here are 6 very simple, but powerful things that we can all do to become more likable, more effective in our exchanges and enjoy more stress-free interactions.

Place a Premium On Your Advice

And by ‘premium’, I don’t mean a dollar amount. Rather, do not offer advice unless it is asked for. Always remember that unsolicited advice sounds like criticism to the one who receives it.

Allow Others To Be Wrong

Simply telling you to give up the need to be right is too easy. The nitty-gritty of that statement is allowing other people to be wrong. That’s the part that drives us crazy, right? It’s not always our need to be right as much as it is our wanting to correct something that is out of place, off-balance and, well, just WRONG. Still, in order to become better at social interactions, sometimes it will be necessary to allow other people to be 1000 % wrong without our intervention.

Let Them Talk

We spend a lot of time in our interpersonal relationships trying to shape how the outside world sees us. So much time, in fact, that some of us lose our authentic selves in the process of becoming more socially acceptable so that others won’t talk about us or paint us in a negative light when we’re not around. Decide today that you are okay with people talking about you– that you will be your unique self and that you will allow that self to shine without concern about what others think. When you stop worrying about your image, the result is that you will become more confident in social settings and more at ease in your interactions.

Speak Less

You can’t talk and listen at the same time. Don’t be that person who talks too much, who dominates conversations and who doesn’t genuinely listen to other people. Make a deliberate effort to trim your talk time down by remembering this quote:

Is what I’m about to say kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?

Recalling this as often as possible helps you really tune into your conversations as opposed to wearing yourself and others out by being a chatterbox.

Listen and Observe More!

6. Make Others Feel Important

Mary Kay Ash (founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics) was on to something wonderful here. By seeking ways to offer others genuine and heartfelt praise, we learn to appreciate others and offer selfless energy to the world. This communication style allows us to learn more and really see people on a deeper level. In doing so, you’ll find that people are naturally drawn to you simply because we all like to be around people who make us feel good.

Your Thoughts

What are some of your best tips for interpersonal communication? What are your thoughts about the tips shared here. If you have anything you’d like to add to this post, the floor is now officially yours. Please leave your thoughtful comments below!

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