5 Apps I’m Happy That I Don’t Have To Live Without


A free productivity app useful for collaborating with team members, Trello lets you organize lists, assign tasks and create due dates to get any job done on time. While I’ve used it to collaborate with others both for personal and business projects, I also use Trello for personal lists like grocery shopping, personal goals and even to keep track of the tv shows I like to watch (and where I can find them since I am a cord-cutter, after all).

DISCLAIMER: If you sign up for Trello using my link, I get one month of premium service. I’ve already gotten several months worth of service this way and will likely upgrade to a paid subscription just to keep my perks whenever my time runs out…that is, unless you sign up and take me into 2015!


Frugal person that I am, there aren’t a lot of free apps that I willingly pay for, but Spotify is one of them. I love being able to stream my playlists from any device (including my Roku devices). And, as a premium subscriber, I can even listen to my music offline…which is great for those two hour drives to visit my favorite son and daughter-in-law.

Now, I know that a lot of people prefer buying and downloading music from iTunes or a similar service, but one of the things I like best about Spotify is that I don’t have a bunch of tracks (and I have a lot of songs) taking up precious space on any of my devices. I also love their music discovery tools, which have helped me broaden my musical horizons to include artists all over Africa, Europe and beyond that I probably would never have known of otherwise. I used to have a serious love affair with Pandora and was a die-hard Slacker fan even before that, but since discovering Spotify, I can’t imagine doing my music any other way.


I spend a lot of time on the web and Pocket helps me save things for later. Articles, videos, blog posts…whatever, I love a free service that’s also user-friendly, lightweight and helps me stay organized. I also appreciate that I can use it from all of my devices.


Web junkie that I am, I subscribe to a massive number of blogs, in addition to reading multiple different news and entertainment sources. Instead of visiting each one of these daily, one by one, which would mean getting little else done, I’ve added each one to my Feedly RSS reader where they are separated in categories and I can skim headlines to stay abreast of breaking news and other interesting topics on any given day. I started with Google’s RSS reader and when they killed it I was in a serious panic. Feedly rescued me and all of my RSS feeds and I am forever grateful.


Another place for me to save my online stuff, Evernote goes a step further than Pocket in that it allows me to not only save web pages and articles and such, but I can also create my own notes and organize them in separate folders with tags for easy retrieval. Just like my other favorite apps, Evernote is accessible from multiple devices and even works offline. (Disclaimer: I get points toward an upgrade and/or more storage space if you sign up for Evernote using my link.)

Coming Soon

Later, I’ll do another post on Chrome extensions and some social media tools that I really like and even add a few apps that may not be in my top 5, but that definitely add a lil something to my digital life. For now, though, I highly recommend that you try any one of these that you may not have in your repertoire.

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So how about sharing a few of your favorites. What apps are you happy that you don’t have to live without?

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